Different by Nature | Weekend Getaway in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Salt Lake City, Utah | DIFFERENT BY NATURE
salt lake city skyline against snowcapped mountains
The Salt Lake City skyline. Photo Credit: Visit Salt Lake

Welcome to Salt Lake City, Utah!  A hub of the Western USA, this city is surrounded by Utah’s outstanding National Parks, a stellar ski area in Park City, and the one and only Great Salt Lake, a natural wonder. Delta Air Lines is currently expanding the SLC Airport, making this an even larger international hub.

This Spring I visited Salt Lake City to visit my mom and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of things to do, variety of people living here, and the beautiful outdoor spaces in the area. Here are 3 of my favorite things to do in the city for a weekend getaway, remember you can always find more on Visit Salt Lake‘s website!

salt lake city utah on a map
Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo Credit: Google Maps


The Leonardo has to be #1 on this list because it is the COOLEST PLACE IN SALT LAKE CITY. Hands down. The museum is an exploratory, interactive museum that allows you to get inside science experiments and art displays.

We attended the “Leo After Dark” event that happens on Fridays. From the website, “Leo After Dark is a party with a purpose – a 21+ event series that celebrates new ideas in art and technology.” With cocktails, nibbles, and fun music this was the spot to be on a Friday night.

The Leonardo is excellent during the day for kids and kids at heart – where you can be hands on and get inside the process. I cannot recommend it enough.

For the Leo After Dark parties, feel free to dress up! Here are a few photos from our hilariously fun evening that included flying a retired airplane, posing in a Davinci Flying Machine, and being awestruck by the beautiful art installation hanging from the ceiling.

woman tries flight simulator at the leonardo museum in salt lake city utah
Mom gives the flight simulator a go! Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone
two women fly an airplane in salt lake city
Time to fly away together! Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone
travel blogger stands in Leonardo Davinci fly machine
Inspired to fly away! Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone.
ceiling art installation at the leonardo museum
Stunning art installation at The Leonardo. Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone


woman stands on a bridge in City Creek Canyon outside Salt Lake City utah on a hike
Take a moment to step back and take it all in. Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone

Being Coloradans, my mom and I really love to be outdoors. Naturally our weekend visit had to include some time in nature! Thankfully, Salt Lake City is home to many beautiful city parks with hiking trails.

We made our way out to City Creek Canyon Park, about 10 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City. There is a paved road throughout the park, with dirt trails splitting off along the way. We walked up about 1.5 miles, then split off to find a nice picnic spot by the creek.

a chihuahua takes a nap by a creek
My little pup needed a nap at lunchtime! Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone

Utah was surprisingly green, beautiful, and we passed tons of locals out for a day in nature. Parked out under some willows, mom and I shared a picnic lunch while my little dog, Freddy timidly dipped his toes in the creek. There were birds chirping from the trees while the creek bubbled peacefully – truly a gorgeous respite from the busy city life we both lead.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes & bring water with you – Salt Lake City is at a higher elevation and Utah has a very dry climate. It’s important to stay hydrated. No headaches for us!


spiral jetty in the water at the great salt lake in utah
Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake. Photo Credit: Visit Salt Lake

A quick drive to the West from Salt Lake City, lies the very salty Great Salt Lake. This lake comes second in saltiness only to the Dead Sea. Nothing lives or grows in the lake, but at sunset the view is truly majestic.

Way back when people came out West for the dry air, there was a fantastic resort right on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. You can go to the visitor’s center there and see fantastic photos of visitors from the 1920s! I always love being able to see back in time and stand where they stood. Very fascinating.

Different by nature…it fits.

Salt Lake City, Utah is a hidden gem in the USA and I highly recommend taking a weekend to visit. With easy air access and plentiful highways coming from across the country, there is no reason not to. Next January I will be returning to Salt Lake City and will be sure to expand this list!


– Cassidy


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