5 Holiday Travel Tips from a Pro-Traveler

Here are 5 tips from a pro-traveler who has flown every holiday for the past…..too many years! Holiday travel doesn’t have to be stressful, here are some reminders before you go.

wrapped christmas presents in a basket ready to be packed for holiday travel
Gifts ready to go! Photo Credit: Cassidy Boone

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My Autumn Road Trip | Planning

calendar planner and road trip schedule
Colorado – North Carolina – Virginia – Colorado

The wanderlust is back, friends. I can feel it constantly calling me to explore. Sometimes the day-to-day feels a little suffocating, that’s when I know it is time to go on an adventure!

At the end of November I am planning a solo Autumn Road Trip to visit family on the East Coast of the US. This post dives into my planning process before heading out on a road trip, I will be sure to share stories and photos as well!

map of the usa showing road trip path is 55 hours to drive 3,789 miles
55 hours to drive 3,789 miles! Bring it on.

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