INDUSTRY UPDATE: Zero-Emission Trains coming to Germany!

Industry Update | Zero-Emission Hydrogen Train
A successful test run for the World’s First Hydrogen Powered Passenger Trains!
blue German zero-emission hydrogen train at the dock on its first successful run
The world’s first zero-emission train…and it’s fast too! Photo Credit:

Today the world moved forward in the battle for eco-friendly passenger transportation, and of course it was at the capable hands of our European neighbors! This modern German marvel is called Coradia iLint and passengers can look forward to this amazing new mode of transportation in 2018.

Germany successfully ran the train today in Salzgitter, Lower Saxony – an area in the countryside outside of Berlin. The train is the world’s first hydrogen powered passenger train and it is made by the French company Alstom. When given the green light, the new trains will run along this route in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony. (I didn’t know either, thus a map below!)

Google Maps of Germany showing where Salzgitter, Lower Saxony is
For those of us who maybe don’t remember German geography off the top of our heads…. Photo Credit: Google Maps

Sure, that sounds neat, but will it work?

According to‘s announcement back in September, the train will be powered by “lithium ion batteries that obtain their energy from a hydrogen fuel tank on the roof of the train” as the train travels. This train will be able to carry 300 passengers over long distances, only exuding excess steam and condensed water into the air instead of polluting diesel fumes.

Germany has approximately 4,000 deisel powered trains carrying passengers and cargo around the country – with this revolutionary mode of moving people around there is sure to be a beneficial environmental impact. Oh, and it’s silent so no more loud train crossings disturbing the beautiful German countryside.

I’m ready to go – who’s with me?! 

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