INDUSTRY UPDATE: Disney to build an immersive Star Wars hotel!

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Star Wars Themed Resort
The proposed Star Wars themed resort from Disney. Photo Credit: The Disney Blog

Announced at Disney’s annual D23 Expo, the entertainment giant will be building a Star Wars themed immersive hotel. Now why is that making every geek-at-heart (like me!) freak out? Because immersive means they will give you a character in the Star Wars universe with a story line that will be present in every experience within the hotel. AHHH!

Each guest will be able to role play as a Star Wars universe character with fun, creative tasks like flying a star ship or leading a mission! And did I mention that guests will have access to costumes? I’m so excited about this. The hotel will look like a giant spaceship, where guests can willing suspend reality and make-believe that they are hurtling through space.

The hotel is slated to have 400 rooms at first, with a projected total of 1,000 rooms. Sounds like it might be rather pricey though…with a possible $1,300 price tag for the first guest for two nights. Ouch. New bucket list item?

Read the full story about the experience, here on Skift or here on The Disney Blog.


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