INDUSTRY UPDATE | Book flights in January!


According to Skyscanner (check them out for seriously affordable air fare),  January is when you should book flights to get the best price in 2018.  And March will be the most expensive, going up an average of 65%!

colorful crafty january 2018 calendar with first two weeks of the month colored
The first two weeks are ideal! (Print the calendar here.)

The beginning of January will be ideal for both short and long-haul (international) flights. You can book flights about six months out, so any travel you’re planning between January 2018 and July 2018 applies.

With international flights potentially 36% cheaper than usual, booking my upcoming trip to Mexico City will have to wait just a few more weeks….! Do watch out for March however, Skyscanner is predicting that international flights will go up – some up to 56% more expensive! So manage your time, set the calendar alert, and go travel my sweets.

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Read more about this industry update here on eTurboNews.

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