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Because She Can – Travel Blog is written by Cassidy Boone. A Colorado native, Cassidy has been traveling the globe her whole life. Cassidy has been fortunate enough to have lived abroad, traveled to countries throughout Europe & Asia, and has explored the USA extensively. These incredible experiences have created a very strong wanderlust and Cassidy has plans to see it all!

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Cassidy’s travel experiences range from shoestring budget to luxury. This blog will span that range and cover everything in-between. Cassidy’s current day job is in the travel trade industry – she always has her finger on the pulse of where to go and when. Because She Can – Travel Blog features both full-length travel stories and listicles with helpful advice for what to do, where to eat, and how to prepare for different adventures.

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Here are a few great links to get started!

Paying Extra for Seats: Travel Do or Don’t?” – Helpful advice on when to book, how to book, and when to spend or save.

Colorado | How to Act Like a Local!” – One of the more popular posts, here is a native Coloradan’s intro to the home of the Rockies.

Blue Skies & Bathtub Lakes | Texas Weekend Getaway” – Looking for a fun weekend away from home? Try out Bryan, Texas!

Thank you for visiting Because She Can – Travel Blog, I hope that you will join me on this grand adventure through life!

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Sunset over Lake Bryan in Texas.